Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tata Nano cleared of any defect

It has been in news recently that Tata's had invited a special team of engineers from Britain to work on finding out the faults in their pride Nano. The team on Friday had cleared nano from having any fault. With a number of accidents happening early this year, the customers were on high alert until this probe finished. This result would have actually acted as a breather for them.

The investigation was conducted by a team of 20 members and at the end of it, the Tata officials were relieved and announced that Tata Nano is absolutely safe and does not incur any manufacturing defect.

Tata Nano

A few months back in March, a Tata Nano had caught fire just after it was delivered to the customer. The company officials had commented that the fire could have been because of a foreign object in the exhaust system. Another such incident was attributed to a ruptured fuel line that happened in the month of April. The investigation has concluded that the two incidents needed to be treated isolately as the car does not suffer with any particulate manufacturing defect.

Tata Nano

Tata Nano has been an extremely popular car and a pride of Tata Motors since it has been tagged as the cheapest car not only in India but in the world. the image of the company however took a hit after the two incidents of fire had bee reported. In order to compensate for the spoiling image Tata Motors has offered pre-emptive checks on all Nanos on the road, starting from May 24.

Officials from the company declared Nano as a completely safe and tested vehicle. Also added that the car has undergone all the necessary validations before being delivered to the customers and this also includes more than 300 prototypes which together covered more than 2 million km of safe operation in all conditions.

Source:- Tata Nano cleared of any defect - New Cars

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